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Nigerian Government Signs 1.5 Billion Dollar Solar Electrification Agreement with Sun Africa. 

American company, Sun Africa recently signed an agreement with the Nigerian Government to install solar energy systems in numerous parts of the country facing energy poverty from the nation’s electricity network. In Nigeria today, over 85 million people do not have access to electricity, and this agreement is targeted at utilizing the Exim Bank loan to install solar grids to meet the needs of the underserved in the country. 

Nigeria aims to solve energy poverty through the installation of solar energy systems and to this end, the nation has obtained a loan of 1.5 Billion dollars from Exim Bank, an American export credit agency. This loan would be utilized to facilitate the implementation of solar energy systems in Nigeria.  


Energy Talent Company, embarks on an Action Research in partnership with The University of Twente, Nyenrode Business University and others


Power Solutions: Solar and the Future of Work

Join in on 99.3 Nigeria Info to listen to conversations around solar energy and the future of work with Collins Teke (Host), Ugochukwu Chukwujiaka (Founder and CEO, Energy Talent Company) and Adaobi Oniwinde (Policy and Partnerships Manager, AllOn)

Youth Entrepreneurship News

This is a course at Wageningen University, Netherlands. It is Intended for project practitioners, business leaders and policymakers. The course will address the overlapping challenges of employment for young women and men within changing food systems and how the education systems can be harnessed.