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FAQs about ETC Talent Development

The two-year program at ETC is a career and professional development initiative targeted at providing training and employment to Graduates who have completed NYSC. Applicants go through a series of our courses and assessments and upon successful completion, they are offered a contract, at the end of the MATRIX Phase, placed as full-time employees at solar companies and provided continuous professional development for 2 years.

There are three phases of the program. The first phase is the GENESIS Program, where you will learn the basics of solar engineering. The second phase is the MATRIX program where you will take on intensive online and physical training in addition to a 6-weeks apprenticeship with a solar company. The third phase is the ALPHA program where you will be placed as a full-time employee with a solar company and also provided adequate career support and professional development for 2 years.

ETC's programs are designed for graduates under the age of 30. However, we are currently designing programs for SMEs and professionals looking to transition into the energy sector in Nigeria.

Yes, you learn and earn! After the Matrix apprenticeship, ETC will support you in securing a job at a solar company as a full-time or project-based employee. You will earn a monthly income including other benefits.

You are not expected to pay for the program upfront. You start earning before paying conveniently from your salary over a 24-month period.

This means that you are not expected to pay at the beginning of the program. The cost will be deducted from your monthly salary after you have successfully completed your courses and secured employment.

Your compensation depends on the solar energy company where you are placed and the scope of your duties there.

Our matching process is thorough and designed to place you in a suitable company where you can learn and grow. You will be informed of your placement and can choose to work there or not.

We have 2 programs: Talent Corp, Elite Talent Corp.

The Talent Corp Program is for those starting a career within the solar industry. This program has several tracks, including the:

  • Installer Path Training
  • Customer Service Path Training
  • Business Development Associate Training

In addition, we have an Elite Talent Corp for intermediate and senior solar engineers and talents, where we offer access to continuous professional development, jobs, and projects. We also provide access to Solar Home System agents across Nigeria.

Yes. Successful learners who complete and pass the Foundational and Specialisation Assessment receive certificates.

The physical training takes place at our centres in Abuja, Asaba, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Out-Hiring FAQs for Companies

Please email us at placement@energytalentco.com

  • We’d love to share our list of talents and their skills with you, so please email us at placement@energytalentco.com or request here

Yes. To protect your interests and those of our solar energy talents, Energy Talent Company’s out-hiring service in Nigeria is guided by a contract.

Depending on the program, our talents receive months of intensive training sessions that cover diverse areas including Solar System Design and Installation, Health and Safety, and Customer Service. Besides theoretical knowledge, they also receive practical field training.

We train talents to deliver the best value in solar energy companies across Nigeria. Our talents have received expert training curated and delivered by global learning experts. Besides hard skills, they are also trained and vetted for strong work ethics and professionalism. Expect them to deliver excellence to your organisation from day 1. 

Yes, unless it is a short-term project, we require a 3-month minimum engagement to ensure our talents can deliver excellent value and grow in their career.

There is no limit to the number of talents you can hire. However, we will work with your company to ensure that you can effectively engage the number of talents requested.

Currently, we do not accept members of staff into our training program; however, projects can be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at: placement@energytalentco.com

Yes. We often partner with impact investment organisations that sponsor promising talents from across Nigeria.

FAQs on the Elite Talent Corp Community

Elite Talent Corp offers members benefits including:

  1. Access to local and international job opportunities
  2. Access to continuous professional development programs and curated information on industry trends
  3. Access to a strong professional network that you connect with both online and in-person.

Yes, our affordable membership covers access to basic programs. To join, please apply here

Subscription is on a yearly basis across multiple tiers 

For Solar Customer

You can send a mail to services@energytalentco.com

If you cannot find what you are looking for, kindly get in touch with us at info@energytalentco.com