Values are standards that are consistently upheld and motivate actions or decisions. These are the six cardinal values that represent our ethos at ETC and drive all our processes and operations. 

Energy Talent Company (ETC) is made up of experienced professionals from different sectors, all working collaboratively, to develop solar talents that lead the energy access and renewable energy transition in Africa and across the globe.

We train and develop young people to become widely sought-after solar professionals in the solar energy industry, provide a community for the growth and development of solar professionals, and also match high-quality solar professionals to solar companies looking to hire talents to expand their teams or better manage their business operations. 

We have six cardinal values which we hold dear to us and ensure we implement across all our interactions with customers, partners, solar companies, talents, and even amongst ourselves internally. These six values influence our decision-making processes and can be observed in how we relate with all our stakeholders. The six values are: 

  1. Global Standards

We hold ourselves accountable to enforcing global standards in everything we do at ETC. We want to brag about our work being able to stand the test of quality in the most advanced nations and be at par and even exceed the highest industry standards. This is why we pay a lot of attention to ensuring that our programs are exceptional and of high quality so that the talents who undergo our training come out as world-class solar energy professionals that can fit in even the most advanced companies and regions of the world. 

  1. Knowledge Experts 

At ETC we want to be known as the knowledge hub of the solar energy industry. This is why we are always researching and keeping up to date with the current happenings and advancements in the industry. We stay up to date and ensure we are well informed and also communicate new developments to all our stakeholders so they can be well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities arising in the industry but locally and internationally. 

  1. Daring 

We enjoy doing the seemingly impossible at ETC! We love a challenge, and we are never afraid to try out new things to get the best solutions and services to our customers at all times. We stay prepared to take the plunge and do what others might find challenging. 

  1. Excellent Service

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service delivery and we keep improving the quality of service we give to all our stakeholders. As a brand, we take our brand promise very seriously and we do everything possible to make sure that every promise we make to all our customers is fulfilled and delivered with high-quality service. This value drives us so much that we inculcate it in every member of our team and also our talents who train with us. This way, our talents we match to companies looking to hire talents represent us effectively and positively in their various places of assignment. The mark of excellence is upon all our programs and operations at ETC. 

  1. Have Fun

At ETC we enjoy our work and what we do because we try to incorporate elements of fun into our operations. It is not just ‘work’ for us. We are passionate about creating the impact which we vision our work is having and is going to have in the future of energy in the world. Our hearts are in our work, and we thoroughly enjoy what we do so we can give the best to all our stakeholders at all times.

  1. Stay Innovative 

We operate in a rather dynamic and evolving market so we cannot afford to always stick to the status quo. This is what drives and motivates us to keep being innovative and seeking out new ways to solve the world’s most complex problems in developing the skilled manpower needed to grow and sustain the solar energy industry. We are ambitious and proactive, and we keep experimenting to discover new ways to better effectively handle our operations and deliver the best value to our customers.

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