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Proposing Checkmate Systems for OEMs in the solar energy space

by Osemudiamen Osejie on Feb 2, 2023

Various issues and trends in the solar energy space calls for concern. Some of the pressing ones are 

  • The proliferation of fake and substandard products like inverters, batteries etc destroys the hard work of solar installers/ engineers. This situation is rampant because no regulation exists for Original Equipment Manufacturers making it easy for substandard goods to be made.
  • The cost of installing solar systems requires intensive initial capital investment. This situation discourages prospects from going along with the process of installing solar systems in their area.

“The Premium Grid Concept’’ 

by Cornelius Chukwujekwu Okafor on Feb 2, 2023

The Premium Grid concept is a revolutionary new way of providing reliable electricity to underserved groups of electricity customers or communities. It is a model of energy distribution that is based on the idea that electricity is generated and injected into an existing distribution network which serve a particular area (known as a Ring Area), with the target to provide a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective manner

This is a current tilt in the industry  towards either a grid-tie or interconnected mini-grid framework.

In this sort of option, distribution companies (DISCOs) and renewable energy developers work in tandem to serve the energy needs of a selected segment within the DISCO’s franchise area. The DISCO will provide the expected electricity supply from the national grid based on the agreed schedule, while the renewable energy developer supplies the remaining energy requirements through their PV plant or a combination of other hybrid renewable energy generation sources.

Implications of this method –

  • Distribution companies increase tariffs for the affected Ring Area (this is called a premium tariff), and collaborate on revenue sharing with the Renewable Energy company they worked with.
  • The ring areas, estates or communities with this system of power supply can boast of more efficient and reliable electricity supply time.
  • The NERC already has a developed Guideline for Premium Grid, as well as the Embedded Generation Regulations that supports this.