Meet Sarah, a passionate and ambitious small business owner who runs a fashion brand named ‘26th Styling’. She sells ready-to-wear pieces and also makes bespoke wear. Despite having an eye-catching store in Yaba, Lagos, Sarah dreams of expanding her customer base beyond the local community. 

Before now, Sarah had identified her customers to be young, vibrant fashionable young females. Most of them were students, entrepreneurs and corporate young ladies. She also discovered that they spend most of their time on social media.

Determined to grow her business, she decided to embrace social media promotion and reach a wider audience. Since her customers use a mix of different social channels, she decided to set up shop on all these platforms.


      • Instagram: Sarah understands the visual appeal of her products and recognizes Instagram’s potential for showcasing them. She sets up an enticing business profile on Instagram, featuring stunning photos and short videos of her fashion masterpieces. By using relevant hashtags and engaging with her audience through comments and direct messages, she started building a loyal following of fashion lovers.


        • TikTok: Keen on tapping into the younger, tech-savvy generation, Sarah decides to explore TikTok. With a creative approach, she begins sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her artistic process, time-lapse videos of her making garments, and before and after, captivating clips from customers’ dress fittings. Her engaging content goes viral, attracting new followers and driving traffic to her other channels.


          • Facebook: Recognizing that many potential customers still use Facebook, Sarah maintains an active presence on this platform. She creates a Facebook page for 26th Styling, where she showcases her best sellers, runs discounts, and shares customer reviews. She also joins local fashion and design groups, participating in discussions and slowly promoting her business. Word spreads, and her Facebook page gains momentum as her customer base expands.


            • WhatsApp: Taking a personalized approach, Sarah introduces WhatsApp as a direct communication channel for her customers. She offers a dedicated business line, allowing customers to inquire about products, place orders, and receive personalized styling consultations. This seamless and intimate customer service cements strong relationships with her clientele, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

          As the months pass, Sarah’s business flourishes beyond her expectations. Her marketing efforts have made “26th Styling” a recognized brand not only within her local community but also on a national level. Her online presence and engaging content have transformed her fashion brand into a digital sensation, attracting customers from far and wide.

          With the newfound success, Sarah opened an online website, shipping her products to customers worldwide. As her loyal followers share their “26th Styling” experiences on social media, the business continues to grow organically.  

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