“Energy Talent Company enables energy service companies like Aspire Power Solutions to augment their engineering team with highly trained and experienced people in record time…”

                                                                         –  Mustapha Abokede

                                                  (CEO/ Co-Founder, Aspire Power Solutions)


This case study is about how Energy Talent Company (ETC) through its matching service, provides well trained and vetted solar talent to one of Nigeria’s leading Solar Energy companies called Aspire Power Solutions (APS), and how this service helps APS to easily hire excellent solar professionals which they utilize in scaling their business and also maintaining the quality of their jobs while meeting the increasing demand of their customers in a timely manner.

Executive Summary

Aspire Power Solutions is a solar energy company in Nigeria. The company provides different categories of solar power solutions to Nigerians with the aim to ease and eliminate the prevailing frustration and disappointment that they experience from their current energy sources.

The market opportunity for solar power companies and producers in Nigeria increased due to the highly unreliable power Nigerians are supplied from the grid. This increase in the demand for solar energy is also projected to intensify in the coming years as more people are becoming sensitized to the benefits of clean energy, sustainable practices, and choices.

What this meant for Aspire Power Solutions, was that they received more requests from new customers looking to engage a reliable and trusted solar company to provide solar installations and solutions for their homes and offices.

Challenges/ The Need 

To meet with the increasing demand and provide professional services for their customers, Aspire Power Solutions realized that they needed additional manpower to handle new projects in their pipeline. The manpower needs to be skilled and vetted solar professionals who can not only deliver on the job but also be readily available to begin work in a short period of time. APS faced the challenge of getting competent solar talents in time to meet the growing demand of their customers.

Similar to other specialized industries, hiring solar engineers could be quite time-consuming as companies try to assess the candidates as much as possible in order to determine their competence and ensure they are a cultural fit for the organization. Strategies that APS has utilized to get solar talents to meet this need included; sending out calls for applications to qualified candidates, and working with referrals from hiring agencies. The problem with this was that this could not guarantee the two most important things to them which is ensuring competency, and prompt hiring of solar talents to join their team.

How Energy Talent Company Helped Aspire Power Solutions

Energy Talent Company solved the challenge which Aspire Power Solutions had by providing speedy placement of well-trained and vetted solar talents who were ready to work within a short notice period. These solar talents which were provided by ETC to APS were skilled and well trained. They required minimal on-boarding and on-the-job training to get up to speed with APS’s standards. 

Energy Talent Company provided this service to Aspire Power Solutions in a most professional and efficient manner. This solution provided by ETC has helped companies like APS get seamless access to solar professionals who are critical to the growth of their business.


APS was able to deliver and close their solar projects in record time by leveraging the skilled and vetted talents provided by ETC.

APS has successfully embedded different ETC talents to support their internal teams full-time.

APS trusts the quality of the solar talents ETC provides because they are skilled and vetted by ETC before they are provided to the APS team for their jobs/projects.

APS has been able to eliminate the time and competency challenges they experienced in hiring solar talents by utilizing ETC’s solar talent matching service.

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