The Elite Talent Corps, is a community that hosts experienced engineers and professionals in the African solar energy industry. These professionals have been vetted and assessed to guarantee their skills and capabilities. The community serves a plethora of purposes for its members. Solar professionals who are part of the Elite Talent Corps get easy access to international and local job opportunities, mentorship and career development opportunities.

We met up with ‘Suco Solar‘ one of the members of the Elite Talent Corps and he spoke about his passion for solar energy, and why he decided to get into the industry.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Suco Solar. I graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta in the year 2018, with a bachelor’s in Electrical Electronic Engineering and a GPA of 3.93. My foundation in solar solution designs and implementation has always been an interesting one since I majored in power. While in school, especially during my internship periods, I had a lot of practical experience in basic training on electronics, electrical wiring, and troubleshooting to mention a few.

I started my solar career around 2017, and I have been in the solar industry for more than half a decade.

I love to travel and play board games, especially scrabble. I dislike people who “dish out meals they themselves can not eat”

Why do you think solar energy is important?

With the frequent crashes of the nation’s electricity grid, there is a need to source for a reliable and sustainable alternative energy option and I believe Solar is the answer.

I am sure we all are familiar with the phrase “UP NEPA” 5-to 10 years back, there is this “relief and mood-lifting” feeling that comes with the availability of power and then when NEPA takes the power away, the disappointment is second to none. However, with solar, total control can be achieved.

If you were not a solar engineer, what do you see yourself doing?

I would have ventured into furniture fabrication, interior and exterior décor.

Why did you apply to join the Elite Talent Corps

I believe that the Elite Talent Corps is a platform for me to greatly improve my career in the solar industry. I also believe that the platform can help me to connect with individuals with more experience in the industry.